Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Spruce Up

In honor of spring (and because I wasn't a huge fan of the blogger default settings) I decided to spruce up the blog with a new page header. I made this using a great free program called scrapblog. This highly addictive site allows users to create professional looking digital scrapbooks. Of course, they would also love to sell you printed versions of your creations, which do look very nice. The cool thing about scrapblog, it that they also allow you to save your pages to your computer as JPEGs, meaning you can use your creations in anyway you would any digital photo. This makes scrapblog my go-to site for adding a little pizazz to a website. When I first discovered the program I used it to make the "about us" page for my library. I also used it to create our Christmas cards this year. Take a peak below. You could use this same concept for more springy events like save the date cards or graduation announcements.

I got a little carried aways and made three different versions, but I think this is my favorite.

But I really like this one because of the snowman!

Thanks to my amazingly talented friend, Tracy for taking the photos of Brad and I!

Happy scrapblogging!




Masterson said...

Oooh, I got a shout out! It wasn't really difficult to take good pictures when the subjects are so adorable. xo!

Hattie said...

Thanks Twin!
I guess getting you addicted to scrapblog was a good trade off for taking our pictures :-)

xo to you too!