Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paint by Numbers Love

I love paint-by-numbers. I mean I really, really love them. Before you think I have no taste whatsoever, let me clarify. I do not love creepy pictures of crying clowns. I do love campy paint-by-numbers landscapes. I seem to be really attracted to water scenes. I've managed to accumulate three legitimate paintings (all at $15.00 or less!) as well as several other water and boat pictures. Once I had several paintings, I started scouting around for a way to display them.
I found the solution at one of my all time favorite junk/thrift stores, Class and Trash in Ashland, VA.

This curtain valance had my name on it. The funny thing is that I really dislike wooden valances over windows, but I love this as a shelf. It was even already painted this great sea blue color. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the plaid in the sofa has some of the same color running through it. Side note: I'm actually keeping my eye out for a white slip cover for the sofa. Here's a close up of the valance/shelf

The jar has shells we've collected over the last few years.

The mill picture as well as the cottage scene below both came from a junk shop in Madison, VA. I can't remember the name, but it was one of those great hole-in-the-wall shops with sagging floors, a layer of dust, and piles and piles of stuff.
I think the cottage painting is my favorite. Can I please have a little white beach or lake house with a red roof and a row boat docked right outside the door? A girl can always dream!

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