Monday, October 31, 2011

Dream House Week: 13

You may have noticed that I skipped dream house week 12. I would have posted, but didn't think a picture of a pile of windows and doors waiting to be installed would have thrilled you. So, yes, week 12 was a bit boring, but week 13 more than made up for it! We have stairs and windows and doors and plumping rough in, and much more!

First, the 360 window and door views,

On to the awesome retaining walls. I didn't know I would love a retaining wall, but I can't resist those adorable stairs.

Next up, inside stairs!

from the basement to the first floor,

and from the first floor to the second.

The living room fireplace arrived,

and a lot happened upstairs as well. Here's the first bedroom you come to at the top of the stairs.

To the left is the second bedroom.

The hall bath is all roughed in and ready for the tub.

I am in love with our master bath. Look at that tub. Just look at it. I can't wait!

I'm also in love with the little bench in our shower. To fully appreciate how much I'm looking forward to this bathroom, you have to understand that the bath in the roost is hardly large enough to turn around in, has a permanently mildewed tub, and a shower that only gives you enough hot water for 1 and 1/4 showers at a time. It is no fun to be the 1/4 person. I will probably live in our master bath after we move in - I am so excited!

The master bedroom is almost the full length of the house. I think I'm going to use that little nook under the window as a place to read. I'm now on the lookout for a super comfy chair and little table.

Yay, new house! I made a little video tour so you can get a better idea of the space. YouTube and our slooow Internet are having a fight, so I'll post it as soon as it's finished uploading.

Have a Happy Halloween!



Mom said...

Ooh Hattie, I can just feel your excitement. How wonderful that you are enjoying this dream come true before your very eyes. I love seeing your progress!

Tracy's mom said...

Oops! That's Tracy's mom. :) Got distracted.

Charlotte said...

Looks beautiful! I can't wait to see more.

Cara said...

Hope all is ok, haven't seen a post from you in a bit:) Just thinkin of you!