Monday, October 25, 2010

I Love a Parade

Last weekend Brad and I scoped out the Richmond Parade of Homes for fun house ideas. I covertly snapped some our favorite designs. I apologize in advance for some blurry, “hurry up before the realtor starts talking to us," pics!

Our favorite exterior

Really, what’s not to love here? From the pitched roof, to the red window panes, to the big front door, I swooned over this house from the curb.

Our favorite entrance

Bead board? Check! Hidden storage? Check! Bench for shoe removal? Check!

Our favorite sink

Love, love, love the simple vessel sink and custom cabinet. I’d swap out that granite for something more marble-like, but otherwise I’m a big fan!

Our favorite shower

Two, count ‘em, two shower heads. Built in benches. Built in shampoo nook. Marble. ‘Nuff said.

Our favorite closet

This thing was bigger than our office. I love that it’s all wood, no plastic or wire shelving. Tons of hanging space and lots of room for shoes and bags sealed the deal.

Our favorite pantry

The organizational nut in me loves this. How great would it be to easily see all your dry goods in one glance? Pull out shelves and baskets make me extra happy.

Our favorite door

I feel for the details on this simple, yet classy, door. I know it’s just a door, but ::sigh::

Our favorite foyer

The lovely grey/blue/green paint had me liking it. The beautiful molding had me loving it. And the awesome mercury glass stars had me grabbing for my camera.

What details make a house stand out for you? Do you go nuts over beautiful floors? Do custom cabinets have you drooling? Spill the beans on your favorite little extras!



Cara said...

I love the attention to detail when looking at homes. Like the bigger trim, beadboard, crown molding. Different little nooks, lighting, and of course the kitchen is always my fave!

Love all the pics!

Christen said...

Great post! Is the parade of homes something that Richmond only does once a year? I'm going to have to check it out!