Sunday, October 10, 2010

Feeling Campy: Part 2

I fully intended to post this on Tuesday, but a little thing called “the week of exhausting meetings” kind of got in the way!

Anyway… after our hike up the falls, we spent a little while resting at the campsite before heading off to Dickie Brothers Orchard (oddly located off of Rt. 666!).

They had two varieties of apples for picking: Romes and Fujis.

We started with the Romes.

I know they’re meant for baking, but I also like a tart apple for eating.

Next, on to the Fujis!

Tracy liked these the best.

The trees were beautiful!

Sarah and Mark's dog, Digo, got into the action with an impromptu version of apple fetch.

We also picked some pumpkins. Brad promptly named ours Petie. I can’t explain that one!

Before leaving the next morning, we went on a final hike to the Three Ridges portion of the AT.

I felt the need to document the fact that I’ve officially hiked on the Appalachian Trail.

While this hike wasn’t as scenic as Crabtree Falls, it did include a super cool swinging bridge.

I perched on the side for a picture with Brad.

The view from the bridge was super pretty. That wraps up our camping adventure! We had a great time and can’t wait for our next camping opportunity.

I’ve got lots of stuff to share with you this week, including a trip to a huge flea market and fall decorating fun!

Do you have a favorite camping spot?


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