Saturday, June 13, 2009

White Paper Packages Tied up with String

Today, my little sister graduates from high school. It is sort of unbelievable to me that she is almost 18 and a graduate! Brad and I picked out something special for her gift and I wrapped it using one of my favorite methods.

I like to give things that go together and can be wrapped up in threes, stacked, and tied. I think there is something so exciting about receiving a gift all wrapped up and tied with real ribbon. Gift bags are not nearly as fun to open! For Hannah's gift, I used about five sheets of plain white tissue paper per item as the wrapping paper. Butcher paper would work just as well, I just happen to always have a lot of white tissue on hand because I like to buy a ton of it when it goes half price the day after Christmas.

I picked out ribbon that matches her bedroom, because I know she'll want to save it to use in some crafty project. For the ribbon that holds everything together, I used a sturdy orange grosgrain, layered with lime green crochet thread. To keep the ribbon from slipping around, I used a piece of clear tape to secure it to the bottom of the stack. I dug up some dainty hot pink ribbon to use as a fluffy bow on top. To make this sort of bow, just accordion fold about two feet of ribbon, pinch in the middle, and tie with another short piece of ribbon. Fluff the bow a little, and tie it to the ribbon already on the package.

plain tissue and leftover ribbon really do make for beautiful, simple, and inexpensive wrapping.

What's your favorite way to wrap a special present?



Tim and Tracy said...

You matched her room colors?! That shows off a truly thoughtful gift that adds a ton of "awwwww" factor on the receiving end of things. I like using butcher block paper as you mentioned in the post. Uniform, solid colors are some of my fav things to wrap with because they look so clean and crisp. And then you can really appreciate the bow without it competing for attention with the wrapping paper.

Christen said...

I love this idea because it looks so chic (but yet saves money)

Tracy's mom said...

Your presentation is beautiful and I know Hannah will appreciate it. Seems like everytime I have a gift to wrap, it never fits into a convenient shaped anything and I agree that unwrapping something is so much more exciting, but I always end up using a bag. :( Any suggestions?