Monday, May 18, 2009

Not your granny's sink skirt

Clearly the bathroom makeover was at the top of my summer to-do list, because I've already taken a stab at improving things. I've wanted to make a sink skirt for awhile, but I haven't had time to look around a fabric store. I read somewhere about people making sink skirts out of bedsheets, and that got me thinking ... the flour sack cloths I bought to make tablecloths for the tea party came in a five pack and I still had three left. I held one up to the sink, and sure enough, they were the perfect length.

Here's one of the reasons I've been longing to pretty-up the bathroom. Brace yourself.

The top of the sink isn't so bad, except that the built in mirror needs to be re glazed - I have a plan for that that I'll hopefully be able to get to later in the summer.

So now, on to how to make a sink skirt using only three dish towels, eight yards of ribbon, a little industrial strength Velcro, and some stitch witchery.

First, I figured out how to make the side pleats by very professionally scotch taping the dish towel to the sink.
I started with one edge flush against the wall, and then made a little pleat/tuck when I reached the rounded corner. I, again, very professionally secured the pleat with some more scotch tape. I repeated the same steps on the other side.
Next, I took a second dish towel, centered it on the front of the sink, and then folded each edge under until it it met the corner pleats.
Once I had all these folds marked with my handy dandy scotch tape, I pinned everything, removed the tape, and ironed like crazy. If you are more coordinated than I am, you can skip the tape and use pins in the first place.
Next, I took out my stitch witchery, and following the package directions, used it to secure the top of each pleat. For a little added polish, I also used stitch witchery to add ribbon to each vertical edge, and to the top edge of each piece.
Finally, I attached Velcro to the edge of the sink, and to the top of each towel.
Here's the finished product!
It's soooooo much better!
A little close up action.
And one more, because I'm so amazed at how much better our bathroom looks!
So there ya have it: a cheap-o, no-sew, easy-peasy sink skirt that is definitely not your granny's.


Masterson said...

Wowser! You are such a clever girl... :) Looks fantastic! But should I be surprised by now?

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Great idea! I need to make a skirt for a table in my craft room...I'll keep this in mind!

The Masked Mommy said...

Love it! I will need to make some of these. We're getting ready to move into an old farmhouse, and it's pretty unsightly under some of those sinks! Lol!