Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flower (staying) power

Brad sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to my work last Friday for Valentine’s Day - Awww, right? I really thought I took a picture of them, but it is nowhere to be found. Trust me when I say they were a gorgeous bouquet of pink and red roses, red carnations, and a sweet pink flower I can’t name. The bouquet also had lots of great fern and leaves for filler. Today I noticed the roses and fern were fading, so I decided to see what I could salvage. It turned out there was enough good stuff left for three small bouquets.

I stuck some florist’s foam in a little hobnail vase to hold the carnations and a bit of the greenery. The splash of red looks great on the kitchen table.

The mysterious pink flower fit perfectly in a repurposed IKEA spice jar. I stuck a few books with coordinating covers under the vase to give the arrangement a little height. I think the overall look adds a little sweetness to the hallway table.

I stuck the rest of the leaves in this glass vase on a side table in the living room. Although this arrangement is the plainest, I bet it will last the longest.

I always love it when I can make flowers last a little longer. They add so much life and color to the house!

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