Sunday, January 25, 2009

Book Shelf Bonanza

Because I am a bibliophile librarian, I have collected quite a lot of book over the years - enough to fill 5 bookcases in our roost. While I like to keep them somewhat organized, I really don’t want to bring the Dewey Decimal system home from work. So, a few weeks ago I tackled the job of re-organizing my books so they were easy to find, but also looked visually appealing on the shelves. This took much longer than I thought, but I think the results look so much more fun than the haphazard look I had before.

Before, everything was in alpha order with a few trinkets propped against the books.

I started by dividing the books into categories: children’s, YA, Fiction, decorating, art, poetry, etc. then I arranged each section by size, from largest to smallest. This pretty much made it impossible to alphabetize (I know! Gasp!) but each section turned out to be small enough that finding things hasn’t been a problem. Some of my art books are so big, that I decided to stack them in flat piles, rather than on their ends. I loved the way this looked so much that I stacked some other books, like the Harry Potter series, that way as well. I actually ended up with more shelf space, which means I don’t have to feel guilty next time I bring home a new book!

I think it looks so much warmer and more organized.
I really like the children's book shelf!

The bookcase across the room looks cute too!


Tiffy said...

just found your blog from the YHL blog. Your book collection is awesome and your shelves look so nice.

Anonymous said...

I ALSO just fond your blog from the Young HOuse Blog, and loved your shelves. Good Work!!!