Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Downstairs - a month in

The dream house is starting to feel a lot more homey, even if I'm a long, long way from being finished with decorating. I thought I'd share where I am now, and what I hope to accomplish before the baby arrives in October.


This room is probably the most "done." The stools are science lab stools from School Outfitters, the same place Young House Love bought their bar stools. I'd been contemplating buying them for a year, but worried they would be too cheap looking in person. After YHL gave them a rave review, my fears were calmed and I decided to go for them. They are sturdy and comfortable.

Still to do: find a kitchen rug and hang some art.

Dinning Room

We purchased the table from Ikea and the metal stacking chairs from Overstock. I like the modern meets classic vibe, but we really need a rug to tie everything together.

Still to do: rug, artwork, buffet for the other side of the room, floating shelves above the buffet.

Living Room

We bought the sofa (I love the chaise - feet propping is necessary during pregnancy!) and TV stand from Ikea. Everything else came from the old house.

Still to do: Art! especially above the mantel, larger rug, replace chair with smaller, more colorful chair, move sofa back about 6 inches.


We found the sea grass rug on Overstock and the chairs at The Christmas Tree Shop. The desk and chair were flea market finds.

Still to do: finish arranging shelves, art, move white chest to guest room, find summer throw for chair.


This room is so tiny that it's hard to get a good picture. The mirror came from HomeGoods and the shower curtain and bird print came from Marshals.

Still to do: art for the other side of the room

Craft room

This is the room that houses every random piece of furniture from the old house. So far, the only new things we've bought are storage bins from Target.

Still to do: Figure out if things work where they are, hang art, decide if we want a rug.

We also need curtains in every room. Who knew curtain could be so $? I think I may end up making some of them.

That's where we are right now, I can't wait to tackle some of the projects!



Charlotte said...

wow! your house is turning into such a lovely place! it must feel wonderful!

Tracy said...

looking beautiful! you have accomplished a lot in a little time. each room has come together so nicely!

Laura said...

You look way more settled than just one month; everything looks amazing! LOVE all the choices you made in the kitchen. It is gorgeous!

Tracy's mom said...

Love your library's transoms as well as the cool light fixture. Yes, curtain$ and rug$ seem to be big investments. I have been on the hunt for bedroom rugs and keep taking back ones that don't suit the space. One of the bloggers I follow ended up finding shower curtains that were way cheaper than regular curtains and hung those that she found and loved. Ikea is another option if you're going with sheers. I can't help but wonder if you feel lost in such a huge space after living in the Roost?

Christen said...

That kitchen! That awesome light in your craft room! Seriously, Hattie, it all looks so great!

You have your dream place- after all that saving and planning. So happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful!! I love your house!! And Yay for baby Smart!

Erin O. said...

I haven't read your blog in quite some time, but I love seeing your house finally built and being decorated! Congrats on the baby too!

Alison said...

Hope you got everything accomplished that you wanted since October is upon us! Hopeful for some new posts with a beautiful baby in your beautiful house!

Megan Newberry said...

I keep checking for new posts. I hope all went well with your pregnancy and you'll want to share with us. I can't wait to see circus nursery pics!

Cara said...

Keep checking for a new post, hope all is well, Hattie:)